Respect nature!

I know: the idea of recycled bikinis may sound strange!

Why recycled? Will it look ugly!

Not at all! Bikinis partly made from recycled material allow you to be part of a growing trend in fashion: using wisely natural resources, recycling instead of wasting, contributing--at our small scale--to keep the planet healthy and harmonious. This does not only mean
ecofriendly fashion, but ethical fashion too. Your ecokinis will be produced with full respect for the fair trade principles: no child exploitation, workers paid a right salary.

And there are beautiful bikinis (as well as other swimwear) made from recycled material and available on the market today.

See the gorgeous, colourful, fruity bikinis from
Aaron Chang's collections: you will get ecstatic looks! Aaron Chang has sourced polyester yarns made from materials such as plastic soda bottles! Thus less toxic emissions from incinerators.
"This is the world's most sophisticated technology for chemical recycling and enables the decomposition and purification of post consumer plastic bottles into a pure polyester raw material -- equivalent to that produced from petroleum, but without spilling an unnecessary drop of oil."
For cover ups and tee shirts, 100% organic cotton is used. Why?
"Conventional cotton farming is a very toxic process. While representing only 3% of farmlands in the US, conventional cotton farming uses 25% of all the chemical pesticides and fertilizers used annually. These chemicals take an enormous toll on the earth's air, water and soil. Eliminating the use of synthetically produced pesticides and fertilizers, organic cotton farming has a low impact on the environment."

Aaron Chang is in California. In Oregon, visit Anna Cohen's
BTC Elements: her nice teal triangle bikini, with its flattering low rise, is created using surplus fabric leftover from making Olympic speed skater uniforms. The whole Anna Cohen line is manufactured domestically.

See also some interesting products at
Faeries Dance, where mail orders are accepted (also for international shipping). Rincon Paradise Bikini is reversible, and mixes 84% Polyster from Recycled Plastic Bottles with16% Spandex. But made in Taiwan. Look also at products such as Jeffrey's Dream Bikini, or Rincon Sport Bikini. And they also have organic bikinis in their catalogue.

Just a few exemples. This should be enough to convince you that you can confidently go ahead. But maybe your preference would go to bikinis made from organic material? To be honest, this is what we choose too, but it is a matter of taste. Visit the next page to learn more!

Photo credits: copyright 2007 indykb (via